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Daniel Kirkendall

b. ?
d. 1894?

Wife - Martha Ellis
Mother -
Father -

Siblings - ?

Children - Daniel J. Jr., Fannie, Viola & Luther Burr (my grandfather)


Please ... if you are ancestors of Daniel, Jr. - Fanny - Viola and have information that you can share with me about
Daniel Kirkendall or Martha Ellis I would be so grateful. I have not had any luck in my searches.

What I know ...
Is not much. :( The only thing I remember hearing is my Grandfather saying that Daniel, his dad was hit by a train and killed, that he can remember someone coming to the house bringing his father's body parts in a bushel basket. Both my aunt and my father believe he said he was approx. age 9 when this happened.

I'm looking in Bradford Co., PA and Tioga Co., NY - particularly in the areas of Windham Twp., Athens, Towanda, Sayre, Nichols, Barton and Owego.

11/26/02 - Searching through records online I found an *unknown* marker at East Waverly / Factoryville Church Cemetery, East Waverly, NY. The marker says *Unknown name* "about 60 yrs., d. May 1, 1918, Waverly, NY, Hit by Train (W.C.C.).
Although I do not really believe this is him, I will retain the info in case I learn otherwise.

If my grandfather was approx age 9 then that would mean that Daniel was killed by train approx year 1894. But ... there was always controversy on the exact year of my grandfathers birth even though it was recorded for birth certificate as 1886 when he needed it to obtain his Social Security Number, he stated he was born 1885. Still if the unknown was our Daniel then that would have meant that my grandfather was a man and not a child and therefore the story he told would have been totally wrong. (NOT HIM)
If you come across any information in papers in the Waverly - Owego, NY or Windham Twp, Bradford Co., PA area for a man killed by a train from approx. 1894 please contact me.

Fannie was born in February 1894 when Luther was age 9 and Daniel was killed by train at that time. Birth records show Fannie's birth in Windham Twp, Bradford Co., PA ... so I am especially interested in a man killed by train in that area during 1894.

05/11/04 - I am no further than I was 2 years ago in finding Daniel Kirkendall. But the Tri-Counties genealogy website recently put Bradford County deaths for the letter "K" online and my Daniel was NOT listed there. Was his death never recorded? or is it that he did NOT die. I started looking for Daniel Kirkendall after 1894 and found a Daniel R. Kirkendall in Corning, NY in the 1900 census, age 32 , born Aug. 1867, PA, parents born PA, married 3 years, RR brakeman, rents house on E. Pultney St., wife Lillian - age 26, born Aug. 1873, NY Irene - age 1 Mamie - age 1/12 District 78, 5th Ward, Corning City, Census done in June 4, 1900.

This info would make this Daniel approx. age 17 in 1884 which is when my grandfather's brother Daniel was born, and Grandpa Luther born in 1885, sister Fannie born 1894, sister Viola (unknown birthdate) most likely between Luther and Fannie. Now I need to investigate this further as there is the possibility that Daniel did not die, but left the family and remarried.
1930 census shows this Daniel with his wife and divorced daughter Irene Kreamer and grandchildren Lillian and Harry living with him. I hope to find info on the Kreamer family to prove or disprove this Daniel being MY Daniel Kirkendall.

If you can help me please ... email me

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