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Wilson 2  - Cemeteries, Wills, Marriage, etc.





ELLIS, URANIA, m. July 04, 1811 to Luke Harding




Alba Cemetery   Canton Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania

WILSON, Verern F. 3/31/1854 – Jan. 20 1946

WILSON, Courtland S. 1830 – 1916 V.

WILSON, Hannah 1834 – 1897

WILSON, Josephine 2/21/1878 – 2/28/1905

WILSON, Addeson 4/19/1847 – 6/21/1925

WILSON, Eliza L. 1/1/1848 – 5/2/1940 (?)

WILSON, O.P. D. 9/12/1864 aged 42 yr 7 m 8 d V.

WILSON, Clinton son of Irad & Sally M. D. 4/8/1852 – aged 8 yr 6 mo & 2 d.

WILSON, Irad Jr. D. 12/26/1851 aged 25 yr & 4 mo.

WILSON, Our Irad 8/12/1852 – 11/10 1856

WILSON, Delphine – Daughter of I & S D. 2/25/1848 age 2 yr. 9 mo 2 d.

WILSON , Sally M. wife of Irad D. 3/25/1848 aged 44 yr 11 mo 2 d

WILSON, Irad D. Jan. 4 1884 aged 86 yr 5 mo 14 d.

WILSON, Noah 1844 aged 94 yr V. Rev (field stone markers)

WILSON, Mary ROWLEY (field stone markers)



Wilson Charles H. 1841    1911    Co. A. 171st Reg. Pa.

 Wilson  Burdit   1871    78

 Wilson  Rachel  1873    71   w/o Burdit

 Wilson  Marion  Jun 9, 1840   1903  w/o Chas. H.

 Wilson Harriett  Apr 18, 1838  d/o Burdit and Rachel

 Wilson Quintilles  dates underground - s/o Burdit and  Rachel

 Wilson  Charlotte  1848    67   w/o R.R.

 Wilson  Margaret  1865    1940

 Wilson    Fordyce O.     Jun 6, 1899     1899

 Wilson  Walter  1891   1940     311 F.?. - A.E.F. WWI

 Wilson  Ruby  1884  1907





New York


1823 prisoners who were pardoned, died or were discharged upon expiration of time served for the year.

from records on file at the County Clerk's Office in Delhi, NY

NAME  Wilson, Jacob BORN Montgomery, NY AGE 20 COMP. Mulatto HGT. 5' 3 OCC.     Painter WH. CONV. Herkimer CRIME Gr. Larceny DATE OF CONV. 1821 Apr 3 TERM 5 yrs REMARKS

 Died June 15, 1823



Apr. 15, 1847    in Auburn, NY     Mary E.                 Hugh and Roxy Ann Wilson

Sep. 11, 1848     CONQUEST, NY  Berthana                john S. and Berthana Wilson

Feb.  4 , 1847      in Mentz, NY  Sarah Rolinda           Reily and Ann Wilson

Jun. 22 ,  "               "          Charles Lyman           Eli and Eliza E. Wilson

May   6  ,  "       in Moravia, NY       William P, B or R         Henry and Charlotte Wilson

Dec.  4 ,   "                 "        Louisa J.               Alvin and Lucretia Wilson

Feb. 28, 1847,  Summerhill, NY         Franklin Berdette       John and Margaret Wilson

Oct. 29  , 1850       "                     Ambrose                 John C. and Margaret Wilson

Apr. 16 , 1847,  Conquest, NY        Stephen Eaden           Stephen and Polly Willson

May  10 , 1848,  Voctory, NY        Charles W.              Daniel and Adeline Willson




Wilson, Charles Raymond         July 16, 1889   Emma Doon Atkins/1863   N.Y.S.          Charles/1860    N.Y.S.

Wilson, John George             Mar 4, 1891     Emma Doon Atkins        N.Y.S.          Charles         N.Y.S.



Conklin, Francis J.     Nov 25, 1903    18-4-25 Springport              William         Aurelius                Beidget         Auburn          Union Springs

Conklin, Moses H.       Jan 26, 1904    55-1-0  (can't read)            Johnatha        Ohio                    Caroline Westfall













Wilson, Asher D. Malone,NY 1837 (1835?) Malone 26th Cav. Co. I Sgt. Feb., 1865

  Laborer had served a three year enlistment already in 1st Cal. Inf. Co. I. d.

  1888 and is buried near Chasm Falls, NY



STEUBEN FARMER'S ADVOCATE    Bath, New York May 23, 1855 Wednesday

Married - On May 16th in Prattsburgh by Rev. B. C. Smith, Mr. Harvey Hill to Miss Susan Jane Wilson.


Allegany County Reporter  Wellsville, Allegany Co., NY

Aug. 21, 1882 Married: WILSON-SNOW - At Canisteo, at the M.E. parsonage, , by Rev. A.M. Town of

               Adams Basin, Monroe county, N.Y., Mr. James WILSON to Miss Jennie SNOW, all of Canisteo.




1814-1829: Marriages by Rev. N.J.Gilbert  

Daniel Wilson & Lucinda Service; Dec 5, 1827

--MARRIAGES:-- [variety of counties in Vermont and New York]

Wilson-Rogers    Harvey Wilson of Middlebury, Addison Co., VT & Betsey Rogers of same place

                             Dec 7, 1822



Baptism Records  of  First Baptist Church of Owego, N.Y. Rev. Wm. H. King, D.D.

Willson  Nancy1858 Feb 21

Wilson Adda 1872 Feb 18


Marriage notices in Finger Lakes New York

NOTE:  Dates are date in newspaper, not marriage date

Willison, Osband      Palmyra NY      Susan Shearman       17 Jan 1816

Wilson, Frances    Geneva NY     Philip Rose    14 Feb 1816

Willson, Samantha     Canandaigua NY    Azariah Gardner  10 Dec 1817

Wilson, Jared   Canandaigua NY     Delia Williams     29 Oct 1817

Wilson, Mary   Palmyra NY   George Wheeler   10 Dec 1817

Wilson, Mrs. J. Benton NY     Henry McGraw     1 July 1818

Willson, Martha   Middlesex NY  William R. Briggs   30 June 1819

Wilson, Hannah   Geneva NY Peter R. Thomas  1 Sep 1819

Wilson, Cyrus  Town of Geneseo NY     Anna Miliman     29 Mar 1820

Wilson, David   Geneva NY    Mary Adams   30 Mar 1825

Wilson, Margaret     Geneva NY      Samuel Mott   9 Jan 1828

Wilson, Samuel    Rochester NY   Elizabeth Saxton     19 Aug 1829

Wilson, Ellen Eliza    Albany NY    Dr. S. T. Carr       22 June 1831

Wilson, John   Town of Seneca NY    Jane Burrel     12 Apr 1836

Willson, Elisha H. Trumansburg NY    Francis Curry   15 Mar 1837

Wilson, Louisa    Massachusetts     B. B. Bowen     4 May 1841

Wilson, Robert   Geneva NY   Sarah Jane Coriell      23 Mar 1842

Wilson, William E. Town of Seneca NY     Margaret McIntire   27 May 1845

Willson, Jared   Canandaigua NY     Mary A. Watson   15 June 1847

Wilson, David    Town of Seneca NY    Mary J. McMaster  15 June 1847

 Wilson, Jane   Geneva NY    Morrell Van Gieson   22 Apr 1848

Wilson, Matthew    Geneva NY    Prudence S. Dorchester    28 Oct 1848

Wilson, James   Town of Seneca NY   Anna H. Whitney      2 Nov 1849

Willson, George S. Cambridge MA  Mary A. Finn    19 Apr 1850

Wilson, John  Town of Seneca NY   Catharine A. Burrel    24 Oct 1851

Wilson, William E. Town of Seneca NY    Mrs. Jane McMillan   12 Mar 1852

Wilson, Harry B. Lillian M. Ford   2 Nov 1915

Willson, Norman   Elizabeth McIntosh      21 Sep 1917

Wilson, Mina C. Leland A. Magraw  12 Sep 1917

Wilson, Mrs. Marjory R. Cyrus Gorton of Lodi NY      23 Nov 1918

Wilson, Ida Belle   Robert H. Jolley   17 July 1920

Wilson, Charles Curtis   Nellie Jarvis   15 Jan 1921

Wilson, Mary Anna    Bruce Palmer Jones of Lancaster  NY  24 Apr 1921

Wilson, Edward     Esther Ferris    16 Feb 1922

Wilson, George H. Alma Snyder of California       9 Apr 1923

Wilson, George   Alice O'Malley       3 Sep 1924

MARRIAGE RECORDS   OF  First Baptist Church of Owego, N.Y. Rev. Wm. H. King, D.D.

Wilson, Amanda C (Mrs) French, William   1880 Oct 4



Funeral Records  of  First Baptist Church of Owego, N.Y. Rev. Wm. H. King, D.D.

Last Name  First Name   Date   Name  Age  Other Info. Town   County  State

Wilson  Mrs 1862 Mar  22 Mrs Wilson  (colored) Owego Tioga   NY


Otter Creek Cemetery, established 1888 Ridge Road Gaines Township, Orleans County, New York

WILSON, EDWIN    1838    FEB 14, 1874 EAST  18  HUS OF MARY E. & FRASER H.                                                  

WILSON, FRASER H. NOV 21, 1840    OCT  7, 1890  EAST  18    2ND WIFE OF EDWIN YATES, NY |

WILSON, HENRY    JAN  9, 1870  OCT 28, 1957     FR/W   6   HUS OF SARAH PEGGS GAINES, NY |

WILSON, MARY E. 1839     JUL 19, 1865   EAST  18   1ST WIFE OF EDWIN                                                           




Wilson      Marjorie M. 1898    1961       

Wilson      Roy H.  1891    1961       

Wilson      Wendell 6 Sep 1920  8 Apr 1998      TSgt, US Army - WWII



Wilson, Christopher 1819- Oct 11, 1886 age 67

              Harriet M d. Feb 15, 1854 age 27

              Lois 1833-1908 2nd Wife of Christopher






TOWN OF COLCHESTER Wilson Hollow Cemetery, Wilson Hollow Rd/NYS #206                                                                                    

WILSON, Addi           ?          February 25, 1865

WILSON, Andrew J.C.   29y         March 23, 1851

WLSON, Anna Eliza     58y         May 27, 1882        Wife of Ephriam

WILSON, Augusta        3y         November 10, 1850   Son of Ephriam & Ann

WILSON, Elizabeth     82y         February 6, 1885    Wife of Addi

WILSON, Ephriam J.    54y         October 23, 1873

WILSON, Estelle        7y         August 5, 1852      Dau. of Ephriam & Ann

WILSON, James C.      95y         November 5, 1871

WILSON, Sarah         61y         February 9, 1862    Wife of James


Covered  Bridge Cemetery, Bridge St/Warren Drive - NY

WILSON, George  A.     1y         December 21, 1860   Son of John & Sarah

WILSON, Peter W.      15y         March 13, 1859


TOWN OF HARPERSFIELD Titus Hill Cemetery, Titus Lake Rd/South War Hill

WILSON, Abram          ?          December 21, 1906   Pvt Con E 8th NY Cav

Rexmere Cemetery, Behind Delresarion Residence off Lake St

WILSON, John          27y         February 17, 1825


TOWN OF KORTRIGHT Coventar Cemetery, Rt #12/across from Turnpike Rd

WILSON, Ann B.        20y         1862                Wife of William

WILSON, Mary M.  Knight 79y       October 7, 1885     Wife of S.M.

WILSON, Rose Ann McLaury 68y      January 2, 1864

WILSON, Samuel M. (REV)  78y      1925

WILSON, William        ?          ?


TOWN OF TOMPKINS Rifenburg Cemetery, County Route #27

WILSON, Ann Eliza      6y         June 1, 1881        Dau. of D.P. & L.C.

WILSON, Eunice        44y         September 13, ?     Wife of Freeman

WILSON, Freeman       50y         July 12, 1862


TOWN OF WALTON Rosa Cemetery, Route #10

WILSON, Frances C.     2y         January 1, 1882     Son of William & Hattie

WILSON, William       31y         June 5, 1888


Pulteney Street Cemetery, (Oldest Cemetery) ,Geneva , (Ontario Co.) NY

19 WILSON, Rev. Andrew died 12 June 1812; age 40 years;


Bath National Cemetery Bath, Steuben County, New York

* Records with an asterisk at the end indicates those that have not been    verified by the U.S. Department of Veterans' Affairs.

Wilson, Albert A, d. 03/25/1909, Res: Bath, NY, Plot: I 13 5, bur. 03/25/1909

Wilson, Albert, d. 09/26/1920, Res: Bath, NY, Plot: J 11 24, bur. 09/26/1920

Wilson, Arthur F, b. 09/11/1894, d. 10/10/1959, US Army, COOK, Res: Batavia, NY, Plot: K 29 33, bur. 10/14/1959

Wilson, Charles A, b. 01/24/1900, d. 02/20/1971, US Navy, YEOMAN1/C, Res: Togus, MA, Plot: L 15 51, bur. 03/03/1971

Wilson, Charles E, b. 05/04/1915, d. 03/26/1975, US Air Force, PFC, Res: Buffalo, NY, Plot: L 22 29, bur. 03/31/1975

Wilson, Charles P, b. 09/04/1911, d. 01/20/1984, US Navy, YEOMAN1/C, Res: Hammonsport, NY, Plot: M 0 289, bur. 01/23/1984

Wilson, Charles P, b. 09/04/1911, d. 01/30/1984, PFC U.S. ARMY, Plot: M  289, bur. 01/23/1984, *

Wilson, Charles W, d. 06/22/1888, Res: Bath, NY, Plot: B 4 49, bur. 06/22/1888

Wilson, Charles, d. 11/30/1890, Res: Bath, NY, Plot: E 2 2, bur. 11/30/1890

Wilson, Clifford L Sr, b. 12/10/1926, d. 10/31/1994, US Army, PFC, Res: Bath, NY, Plot: Q 0 708, bur. 11/03/1994

Wilson, Eael, b. 02/11/1895, d. 06/24/1977, Res: Bath, NY, Plot: L 13 68, bur. 06/28/1977

Wilson, Edward, d. 06/26/1879, Res: Bath, NY, Plot: G 10 29, bur. 06/26/1879

Wilson, Frank A, b. 04/02/1923, d. 02/13/1993, US Army, PVT, Res: Bath, NY, Plot: O 0 457, bur. 02/18/1993

Wilson, George, d. 06/25/1894, Res: Bath, NY, Plot: C 13 25, bur. 06/25/1894

Wilson, Gerald M, b. 09/09/1928, d. 10/06/1979, US Navy, S1, Res: Amsterdam, NY, Plot: F O-C1, bur. 10/10/1979

Wilson, Jack Francis, b. 04/24/1926, d. 03/04/2000, US Army, TEC 5, Res: Buffalo, NY, Plot: S 0 447, bur. 04/27/2000

Wilson, James S, d. 08/30/1930, Res: Bath, NY, Plot: H 34 24, bur. 08/30/1930

Wilson, Jeremiah, d. 04/22/1919, Res: Bath, NY, Plot: H 23 13, bur. 04/22/1919

Wilson, Jerome A, d. 12/14/1969, Res: Buffalo, NY, Plot: L 14 21, bur. 12/18/1969

Wilson, John, d. 07/06/1915, Res: Bath, NY, Plot: I 6 10, bur. 07/06/1915

Wilson, John, d. 11/04/1894, Res: Bath, NY, Plot: B 2 53, bur. 11/04/1894

Wilson, Lewis C, d. 12/10/1908, Res: Bath, NY, Plot: I 25 3, bur. 12/10/1908

Wilson, Mandville, b. 09/11/1913, d. 01/04/2000, US Army, PFC, Res: Niagara Falls, NY, Plot: Q 0 431, bur. 01/13/2000

Wilson, Margaret Tyo, b. 01/08/1924, d. 07/23/1992, US Navy, S1C, Res: Buffalo, NY, Plot: S 0 447, bur. 08/13/1992

Wilson, Raymond J, b. 07/02/1926, d. 04/03/1997, US Army, PVT, Res: Buffalo, NY, Plot: Q 0 449, bur. 04/07/1997

Wilson, Richard I, b. 11/27/1905, d. 09/17/1988, US Navy, CAPT, Res: Wellsville, NY, Plot: L 23 0-14, bur. 10/06/1988

Wilson, Robert W, d. 07/02/1918, Res: Bath, NY, Plot: J 12 13, bur. 07/02/1918

Wilson, Ronald W, b. 02/09/1963, d. 11/09/1996, US Air Force, SSGT, Res: Big Water, UT, Plot: Q 0 521, bur. 11/15/1996

Wilson, Thomas M, d. 02/20/1946, Res: Bath, NY, Plot: C 1 5, bur. 02/23/1946

Wilson, Thomas, d. 12/05/1918, Res: Bath, NY, Plot: J 15 15, bur. 12/05/1918

Wilson, Truman C, b. 02/03/1927, d. 12/16/1993, US Army, SFC, Res: Buffalo, NY, Plot: O 0 289, bur. 12/22/1993

Wilson, Warren V, b. 01/26/1899, d. 02/06/1979, US Army Air Corps, SSGT, Res: Syracuse, NY, Plot: F O 30, bur. 02/12/1979

Wilson, William C, d. 01/27/1898, Res: Bath, NY, Plot: C 7 11, bur. 01/27/1898

Wilson, William Edward, d. 04/24/1931, Res: Bath, NY, Plot: H 38 33, bur. 04/24/1931

Wilson, William F, b. 05/01/1891, d. 11/14/1966, US Army, PVT, Res: Bath, NY, Plot: L 8 55, bur. 11/16/1966

Wilson, William J, d. 04/10/1912, Res: Bath, NY, Plot: I 10 21, bur. 04/10/1912

Wilson, William T, b. 02/21/1903, d. 06/08/1973, US Army, PFC, Res: Bath, NY, Plot: L 19 25, bur. 06/11/1973

Wilson, William W, d. 08/11/1914, Res: Bath, NY, Plot: I 4 23, bur. 08/11/1914

Wilson, William, d. 05/04/1927, Res: Bath, NY, Plot: J 18 13, bur. 05/04/1927

Wilson, William, d. 07/23/1916, Res: Bath, NY, Plot: J 22 2, bur. 07/23/1916

Wilson, Zina L, d. 10/17/1905, Res: Bath, NY, Plot: G 24 11, bur. 10/17/1905



Death notices in Finger Lakes New York

NOTE:  Dates are date in newspaper, not death date

Wilson, Andrew    Geneva NY   9 Aug 1809

Wilson, Frances Ann     Geneva NY     11 Aug 1813

Wilson, Anna    Covert NY    15 Aug 1821

Wilson, Phebe   Wolcott NY    4 Sep 1822

Wilson, David - son of   Geneva NY   23 June 1840

Wilson, George     Phelps NY    22 Aug 1843

Wilson, Mrs. Ann - w/o John   Town of Seneca NY       27 Apr 1847

Wilson, Mrs. Hannah - w/o  James   Gorham NY    8 Aug 1851

Willson, George    Canandaigua NY    31 Dec 1852

Wilson, Mrs. Margaret     Canandaigua NY     30 May 1855

Wilson, David - son of    Town of Seneca NY     25 Mar 1857

Wilson, Samuel     Geneva NY      21 July 1858

Wilson, Mrs. Elizabeth R. - wife   of Samuel   Geneva NY   15 Feb 1860

Wilson, John     17 Oct 1917

Wilson, Harold Truman   8 Feb 1924

Wilson, Mrs. Charles E. 21 May 1925

Wilson, Anna      10 Mar 1927

Wilson, Harry      4 Mar 1928

Wilson, James Whitney     16 Jan 1928

Wilson, Charles Enos    20 Mar 1933

Wilson, Margaret I. 8 Nov 1933

Wilson, William Dorchester   26 Oct 1933

Wilson, Mrs. Fannie Smock   19 June 1936

Wilson, Gen. William  5 Jan 1937

Wilson, Robert W. W. 10 May 1943

Wilson, Rt. Rev. Frank     16 Feb 1944

Wilson, Mrs. Bessie       3 Aug 1945



Wilson  Jacob 3/23/1866  67

Wilson  Maria W. William  12/27/1851   82y 6m



WILSON Edward   died Dec. 10, 1867, ae. 28 yrs.

WILSON  John P. died Nov. 25, 1864, ae. 79 yrs.

WILSON  Catharine  died Sept. 15, 1869, ae. 78 yrs. wife of John

WILSON David  21st. Cav.------- (no dates)



Wilson   Salina D. 1850  1891  w/o Rev. I. B.

              W. Olin 1877 1894  s/o Rev. I. B. and S. D.





WILSON  HAZEL 1894  16 OCT 1933


WILSON  JAMES      1893      11 MAY 1967


WILSON WILLIAM   1864   13 FEB 1940



Wilson  Sarah M.  Mar 29, 1885   78y6m


Evergreen Cemetery  Berkshire, Tioga Co., NY

Location: This cemetery is about 1/4 mile north of the Town  Highway Dept., on the east side of Route 38. From Richford, go south on Route 38, the cemetery being on the left.

1902-1973 WILSON FRANCIS          G SECTION   35 LOT LOCAL

1878-1961 WILSON FRANK                      E                      7  a

1904-1998 WILSON HARRIETTE LEE      G                   35     2 s

1879-1959 WILSON MAY E.                         E                    7 a

1961-1967 WILSON ROBERT LEE               A                    13


WILLOW GLEN CEMETERY   Town of Dryden, Tompkins County, NY

WILSON,         Alexander       (d. Willard) Lot 15-15          bur. 1942 ae 78

WILSON,         Anna V.         (d. Ithaca) Lot 9 Walk          bur. 1946 ae 76

WILSON,         Bessie W.       (d. Ithaca) Lot 18-25           bur. 1946 ae 48

WILSON,         Cady                    Lot 11-21               (no dates)

WILSON,         David           (d. County Home) Lot 9 Walk     bur. Nov 22 1935 ae 76

WILSON,         Earl G.         (d. Dryden) Tyler Lot           bur. 1963 ae 76

WILSON,         Emma                    Lot 11-21               (no dates)

WILSON,         Florence        (d. Dryden) Lot 15-09           bur. Dec 10 1936 ae 45

WILSON,         Hattie                  Lot 11-21               (no dates)

WILSON,         Helen E.        (d. Tomp Hosp) Lot 9 Walk       bur. 1953 ae 46

WILSON,         Henelah                 Lot 11-21               (no dates)

WILSON,         Henry                   Lot 11-29               (no dates)

WILSON,         Hiram                   Lot 11-21               (no dates)


WILLOW GLEN CEMETERY   Town of Dryden, Tompkins County, NY-CONTINUED

WILSON,         Jessie B.       (d. Ithaca) Lot 11-21           bur. Mar 18 1919 ae 63

WILSON,         John     (b. Scotland; d. Tomp Hosp) Lot 22-05  bur. Oct 15 1974 ae 64

WILSON,         Lee L.          (d. Tomp Hosp) Lot 18-29        bur. 1959 ae 65

WILSON,         Lena Macy      (b. Dryden; d. Ithaca) Lot 5-10  bur. 1985 ae 89

WILSON,         Levant          (d. Cort Hosp) Lot 15-15        bur. May 9 1973 ae 71

WILSON,         Linda           (d. Enfield) Lot 18-45          bur. 1982 ae 35

WILSON,         Mabel (b.Dryden; d.Crouse Irving Hosp)Lot 22-17 bur. 1978 ae 72

WILSON,         Minnie M.(b. Tennessee; d. Tomp Hosp) Lot 18-29 bur. 1979 ae 86

WILSON,         Minnie W.       (d. Binghamton) Lot 4-03        bur. 1945 ae 78

WILSON,         Myrtle M.       (d. Ithaca) Lot 15-09           bur. 1964 ae 70

WILSON,         Pauline M. (b.Tioga Co.; d.Cort Hosp)Urn Garden bur. 1985 ae 70

WILSON,         Pearl        (d.Highgate Nurs Home) Tyler Lot   bur. 1984 ae 87

WILSON,         Ray J.          (d. Tomp Hosp) Lot 18-25        bur. 1965 ae 71

WILSON,         Robbie                  Lot 11-21               (no dates)

WILSON,         Robert                  Lot 11-21               (no dates)

WILSON,         Robert          (d. Cort Hosp) Lot 22-17        bur. Mar 11 1981 ae 76

WILSON,         Rona Lee        (d. Groton) Lot 9 Walk          bur. 1962 ae 01

WILSON,         Ruth                    Lot 11-21               (no dates)

WILSON,         Sarah                   Lot 11-21               (no dates)

WILSON,         Sarah E.                Lot 11-21               bur. 1871 ae 51

WILSON,         Susie           (d. Ithaca) Lot 15-15           bur. 1942 ae 73

WILSON,         Warren          (d. Ithaca) Lot 21-81           bur. 1964 ae 64

WILLSON,        Benajah, s/o Samuel & Emeline Willson           d. Sep 25, 1836 ae 2y 10m

WILLSON,        Sarah R., d/o Samuel T. & Emeline Willson       d. July 9, 1841 ae 4y 9m 20d


RUMSEY FAMILY CEMETERY  Town of Enfield, Tompkins County, NY

Wilson,         Ephraim R.                                      Sept 26, 1808 - June 4, 1874

Wilson,         Anna Smith, w/o Ephraim R.                      Mar 17, 1807 - Apr. 8, 1887


McLean New Cemetery McLean, Groton Township, Tompkins County, NY

WILSON, Baby Cynthia  10/20/1950  21d  Pottsville, PA   Sec. E., Lot 7 East Side; (Comments: Buried on

                  Robinson Lot, d/o Lina Waldron Wilson)


HAYTS CEMETERY Ithaca, Tompkins County, NY

Located on the corner of Hayts Rd. and Rt. 96

Willson,        Holmes                                          Aug. 6,1858-Aug. 22,1873

Willson,        Joseph  "A sleep in Jesus"             Nov. 10,1816-Mar. 28,1873

Willson,        Mary, w/o Joseph                           May 5,1818-July 8,1891

Wilson,         Charles H.                                      1885-1912

Wilson,         Clayton                                          1883-1952

Wilson,         Ernest E.       "Father"                    1881-1964

Wilson,         Freemont D.                                   Oct. 11,1857-Jan. 16,1938

Wilson,         George P.                                       1855-1935

Wilson,         Georgianna R.                                1846-1936

Wilson,         Gordon                                          d. Oct. 1984 ae 72y

Wilson,         Martha, w/o Freemont                   Jan. 12,1859-June 7,1934

Wilson,         Mary E.                                          1850-1937

Wilson,         Mary P., w/o Theodore                  1816-1905

Wilson,         Nellie Gray                                     1877-1966

Wilson,         Neva Ada                                        d. May 1996 ae 99y

Wilson,         Theodore V.                                     1817-1904


ITHACA CITY CEMETERY Ithaca, Tompkins County, NY

Wilson,         Ursula, wife of James Wilson                    d. Apr. 14, 1850, in her 45th y


Friends Cemetery Town of Ulysses, Tompkins County, NY.

Located behind the Hector Monthly Meetinghouse, on Perry City Road just west of the intersection with Jacksonville Road,


1. Amy Grace MEKEEL, 1885-1976

2. Thomas C. HOPKINS, 1883-1965

3. Eunice Mekeel HOPKINS, 1890-1985

4. Mary Owen WILLSON, 1891-1914

5. Stephen R. WILLSON, 1882-1945

6. Lavinia A. WILLSON, 1841-1920


Quaker Settlement Cemetery  Ulysses Township, Tompkins County, NY

Sarah wife of Joseph WILSON died Mar. 18, 1849 aged 64 years 5 months & 18 days

Susan P. WILSON born Oct. 16, 1830, died July 26, 1895,

James E. WILSON died Feb. 3, 1868 aged 29 years 11 mos & 24 ds

William Infant Son of Theodorus & Mary WILSON Died Jan. 10, 1847 aged 11 days


TRUMANSBURG (GROVE) CEMETERY  Town of Ulysses, Tompkins County, NY

Wilson,         Andrew                  Lot 263         d. June 28, 1859 ae 10y 7m 23d

Wilson,         Andrew                  Lot 263         d. May 24, 1862 ae 62y 2m 13d

Wilson,         Asa D.                  Lot 653         d. Aug. 1, 1919 ae 82y

Wilson,         Baby                    Lot 814         d. May 16, 1935 ae infant

Wilson,         Burton                  Lot 1222        d. Nov. 29, 1946 ae 75y

Wilson,         Carrie                  Lot 210         d. May 31, 1931 ae 81y

Wilson,         Cora                    Lot 1177        d. March 9, 1940 ae 77y

Wilson,         David                   Lot 70          d. Jan. 31, 1970 ae 61y

Wilson,         David                   Lot 1171        d. Jan. 4, 1943 ae 81y


Wilson,         Edla Gregg              Lot 814         d. Sept. 22, 1997 ae 88y

Wilson,         Elizabeth               Lot 263         d. Nov. 30, 1867 ae 53y 10m 29d

Wilson,         Elizabeth               Lot 653         d. Nov. 18, 1929 ae 93y

Wilson,         Floyd                   Lot 263         d. Aug. 27, 1874 ae infant

Wilson,         Glenn                   Lot 667         d. July 9, 1922 ae 115y

Wilson,         Harriet                 Lot 210         d. Jan. 20, 1890 ae 84y 5d

Wilson,         Ida                     Lot 572         d. July 6, 1898 ae 30y

Wilson,         James C.                Lot 263         d. Nov. 24, 1863 ae 24y 5m 13d

Wilson,         James K.                Lot 210         d. April 24, 1926 ae 83y

Wilson,         Joseph                  Lot 404         d. Dec. 10, 1876 ae 91y

Wilson,         Joseph B.               Lot 267         d. Oct. 6, 1957 ae 71y 10m 25d

Wilson,         Laura                   Lot 267         d. April 7, 1973 ae 85y

Wilson,         Leonard                 Lot 263         d. Dec. 24, 1860 ae 18y 7m

Wilson,         Martha                  Lot 1222        d. April 17, 1921 ae 83y

Wilson,         Mary E.                 Lot 263         d. Nov. 14, 1869 ae 18y 2m 18d

Wilson,         Mary G.                 Lot 949         d. March 6, 1935 ae 60y

Wilson,         Myrtie M.               Lot 210         d. Feb. 24, 188 ae 1 3y 1m 27d

Wilson,         Nellie G.               Lot 210         d. Feb. 16, 1881 ae 7y 10d

Wilson,         Peter V.                Lot 210         d. Sept. 22, 1882 ae 82y 2m 19d

Wilson,         Roger J.                Lot             d. Dec. 12, 1933 ae 16d

Wilson,         Sarah                   Lot 263         d. June 7, 1897 ae 24y

Wilson,         Solomon W.              Lot 210         d. Sept. 15, 1886 ae 63y

Wilson,         Susie M.                Lot 1144        d. Nov. 25, 1937 ae 41y

Wilson,         Tessie May              Lot 1222        d. Dec. 30, 1937 ae 66y

Wilson,         Viola M.                Lot 263         d. Sept. 22, 1888 ae 8m 24d

Wilson,         William O.              Lot 1222        d. Feb. 3, 1914 ae 78y


Cherry Valley Cemetery, Alden Street, Cherry Valley, Otsego Co., NY

WILLSON William son of J. and P. Willson died Oct 31 1804 ae 1 yr 8mos 23das

WILLSON Samuel son of J. and P. Willson died Mar 16 1808 ae 1yr 2mo 12das

WILLSON John died March 8 1828 in 84th year

WILLSON Phebe wife of John Willson died Jan 26 or 28 1854 in 77th year

WILLSON Hennett dau of J and P Willson died Dec 30 1822 in 14th year

WILLSON Elisabeth dau of J and P Willson died Mar 25 1844 in 41st year

WILSON, George, died Oct 9, 1850, ae. 69 yrs. 4 mos. 17 das

WILSON, Martha w., wife of George Wilson (stone sunken)

WILSON, John, died Nov. 30, 1860, ae. 30 yrs.

WILSON, Nancy, wife of John H. Wilson, died May 9, 1862, aged 42 yrs.

WILSON, Louis C. 1842 - 1912

WILSON, Mary A. McGaw, his wife, 1848 - 1926

WILSON, Loren, died Jan. 22, 1910, ae. 52 yrs. 3 mos. 21 das.

WILSON, Annie E. Scott, his wife, died Oct. 26, 1915, ae. 55yrs. 2mos. 21 das.

WILSON, William A., died May 30, 1863, ae. 4 yr. 21 das.

WILSON, Fannie E., died May 21, 1863, ae. 2 yrs. 2 mos. 7 das.

WILSON, Thomas R., died Oct. 2, 1867, ae. 39 yrs. 2 mos. 6 das.

WILSON, Hannah Yendley, his wife, died Aug. 12, 1911, ae 82 yrs. 4 mos 26 das.

WILSON, Clarence, died June 1, 1898, 7 mos. 5 das.

WILSON, Julia Wilber, 1878 - 1906


Deming Cemetery  Town of Edmeston, Otsego County, NY

Wilson   Angelia A.   d. 16 Aug 1885  Age 44y4m     Daughter of Sidney & Phebe A. HOPKINS


Private Cemetery on CHRISTIAN HILL   Near Toddsville, Hartwick, Otsego Co, NY

Fidelia Wilson   d. 26 Sep 1850   Age 40y   w/o John T.

Sarah Wilson   d. 29 Jul 1841   Age 8m   d/o John T. & Fidelia

James K. Wilson   d. 2 Feb 1846   Age 1y3m8d   s/o John T. & Fidelia

Mathew F. Wilson   d. 1 May 1863   Age 60y

Nancy Wilson   13 Jul 1806-6 Nov 1843   w/o Mathew F. Wilson

   [d/o Benjamin Wheeler Carr & Lois TILLOTSON Carr]                

Matthew Fairfield Wilson d. 5 Aug 1836 Age 1y9m4d  s/o Mathew F. & Nancy

M. Matilda Wilson   d. 11 Feb 1847  Age 18y4m0d   d/o Mathew & Nancy

Matthew Fairfield Wilson  d. 27 Jan 1862   Age 24y  s/o Mathew & Nancy

   [Died in Alexandria   Member of Co H  32 Reg NY Vol  (flag)]

Charlotte Wilson   d. 8 Jun 1862   age 77y   w/o Joseph


Laurens Village Cemetery Town of Laurens, Otsego County, NY

Wilson,Hiram,B,b.1861,d.1866 July 3


Wilson,Howard,,b.,d.1968 July 27



Wilson,,,b.1971,d.1971 April 20


The Spencer Cemetery  Town of Maryland, Otsego County, NY

note: the following was listed together, not sure if that means buried same place or what it means

William Wilson  Oct. 19th 1888

Abby E., wife of Charles H. Stever  d. 11/10/1867 aged 24y 2m __d.





Soldiers Memorial Town of Maryland, Otsego County, NY

 (Located in The Schenevus Cemetery)

1861 - Simon P. Wilson

World War 1917-1919 Charles H. Wilson


Old Church Burying Ground - Harmony Church: Town of Morris, Otsego County, NY

Wilson   Emma E   ( Marr  ) 17 Nov 1877    18-4-8 d/o H & M Marr


Quaker Burying Ground  Morris, NY

Last Name, First Name, Born, Died, Age, Father, Mother,  Husband

Wilson  (infant dau.) -  17 Mar 1831  1y William Charlotte

Wilson  Almira - 15 Jan 1880   68y 10m    -  -  George

Wilson  Charlott A. 1832   1900   -   -   -  William A.

Wilson  Drucilla M. -  Jun 1858  15y 9m George  Almira   -

Wilson  George  - 29 Dec 1882   78y 9m  - -  -

Wilson  Grant   - 15 Sep 1869   11m 11d  William A. Charlotte A. -

Wilson   Helen M. - 23 Apr 1862      22y 3m 5d  George   Almira     -

Wilson  Isabell   -    -       -      -      -             -

Wilson  Jennie E. Bard   -  9 Jun 1894    27y 11m 26d    -   -  Russell

Wilson  Joseph   -  3 Aug 1889      73y     -   -     -

Wilson   Nancy A. - 21 Feb 1854   1y 7m 16d  William Charlotte     -

Wilson   Sally Falls      1815 1887  - -  -   Samuel

Wilson  Silas H. - 27 Nov 1872   2y 2m 8d William A.  Charlotte A.

Wilson   Thomas S. -  17 Mar 1831  21y 3m  George  Deborah  -

Wilson  William A. 1827   1903    -   -   -         -


Irish Hill Cemetery Village of Cooperstown, Otsego County, NY

WILSON          Ellen  KANE,    1851 - 1923

          "          James,    1855 - 1928

          "          Katherine

          "          Ella

          "          Hannah

          "          Mary

          "          Patrick

WILSON          Mary  CAMPBELL, wife of Walter Wilson,     1855 - 1937   (Campbell plot)


SNOWDEN HILL Cemetery Town of Otsego, Otsego Co, NY

WILSON          Nicholas, Jr.,Died Aug.13, 1833 10 months,  8 days


Scribner Cemetery: Town of New Berlin, Chenango County, NY

Maria (Wilson) Bancroft, wife of Henry, b. Nov. 2, 1823; d. Jan 18, 1849

Henry Bancroft (supposed to be buried here) b. Jul. 11, 1824, d. Jan 22, 1855

Cynthia (Wilson) Scribner, wife of Alfred, b. 1826-1889

Alfred Scribner 1823-1907


Old Section of Cemetery in Roseboom, Town of Roseboom, Otsego Co, NY

James S. Wilson   d. 20 Jan 1860   Age 60y7m24d


Chemung Village Cemetery  Town of Chemung, Chemung County, New York

Wilson   Aaron 1824 1916     "Father"

Wilson   Rachel   1831  1896    "Mother"

Wilson   James E. 1881    [No death date. CR states he was  buried on Aug 9 1960.]

Wilson  Aaron 1876 1901

Wilson    Ettie 1871  1903

Wilson    George E. 1838  1910

Wilson   Mary G. 1860 1942       [CR states her middle name was   "Wheeler," that she died in Syracuse,

                 and was buried on Nov 14 1942.]


Webbs Mills Cemetery    Southport, Chemung County, New York

Wilson   George   6 Feb 1841 (Lawrence Twsp., Tioga Co.,  PA) 12 Jan 1911 (son of George & Sarah Wilson)

Wilson  Isabella PEDRICK    23 Aug 1843  9 Jan 1918  his wife (daughter of John S. & Hannah  ROUSHEY Pedrick, married George Wilson 3   Dec 1863)

Wilson  Mattie  1870  1926

Wilson  Charles 1864  1926

Wilson  John 1880 1939




Newspaper Clippings: 


(Wilson) - Kate Wilson, 92, of 780 Cedar St., Wednesday, May 2, 1962. She was the widow of William H. Wilson and a member of the Webb Mills Methodist Church. Survived by daughters, Mrs. Mabel W. Morrell, Mrs. Katherine Coole, and Mrs. Clara E. Graham of Elmira, Mrs. Louise M. Osborn of Armond Beach, FL; sons, Ernest H. of Collins, NY, Wilbur E. of Wellsburg, Raymond, Charles H. and Howard B. of Elmira; 14 grandchildren, 31 great-grandchildren. Body at Holly-Keck Funeral Home. Funeral arrangements incomplete. -- Elmira Gazette Sandy Cotter Fullerton, CA



DEATH OF SILAS WILSON - Mr. Silas Wilson died last Friday evening at his home in Rutland township after a brief illness of abscess of the brain. Mr. Wilson complained of not feeling as well as usual on his return from a business trip to Elmira a week ago last Saturday. The following Wednesday he grew suddenly much worse. His mind became clouded, he lost control of his lower limbs and death followed on Friday as above stated. He rightly enjoyed a very large measure of popular esteem, being in every way a worthy and useful member of society. In his death the community has suffered a serious loss. He was a member of the Rutland Hill Methodist Episcopal Church and of its official board. His wife, Lucy Squires Wilson, died four years ago, leaving a son and three daughters who are thus again sorely afflicted. The funeral was largely attended on Monday from the Rutland Hill church. The burial was in the Roseville Cemetery.




Mr. and Mrs. Sam Wilson, of Sylvania entertained at dinner May 17, in honor of their uncle, Frank Wilson, the following people, it being his 79th birthday: S. Frank Wilson, of Sylvania; Mr. and Mrs. Phil Wilson, of Elmira; Mr. and Mrs. Sam Bailey, daughter Cecil, of Troy; Mr. and Mrs. Wells Ashley, daughter Lucie, of Mansfield; Mr. and Mrs. Wilma Nenninger, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Seelye, son Herman, of Canton; Mr. and Mrs. Harlan Grace, children, Albert and Dorothy of Austinville; Mr. and Mrs. Francis Wilson and daughter, Marjorie, of Elmira; Mr. and Mrs. Sam Wilson, son Carlton, grandson, Buddy of Sylvania; Grant Fethers, of Mansfield; James Bailey, Kathleen Wiggins of Luther’s Mills, and Russell Cowl of Troy. A bountiful dinner was served to which everyone did justice. Later a business meeting was held and this date set aside for the Wilson family reunion. For this occasion officers were elected, namely,

President, Frank Wilson

Secretary, Mrs. Wells Ashley

Treasurer, Mrs. Ruth Seelye

Next year being the second annual meeting, it will be held at the new home of Sam Wilson in Daggetts, Pa. A good time was reported by all and each wished the best in store for the honor guest, Mr. Wilson. All agreed, too, that Mr. and Mrs. Sam Wilson were royal entertainers.

Mrs. Wells Ashley, Secretary



A pretty wedding took place Saturday evening at 8 o’clock when Miss Agda T. Olson, daughter of Mrs. Lottie Olson of 704 East Church Street, was united in marriage to Raymond Wilson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Philip Wilson of 212 Lynnwood Avenue, Elmira Heights. The ceremony was performed at the home of the bride's mother, by Mr. Wilson’s brother, the Rev. Delbert Wilson, pastor of the Forest Home M. E. Church at Ithaca.

The bride, who was given in marriage by her brother, Wilfred Olson, was attired in tan canton crepe with matching hose and brown slippers. She carried yellow roses. Her sister, Miss Viola G. Olson, as maid of honor, wore powder blue georgette and carried pink roses. Russell Gordon was the bridegroom’s attendant.

Following the ceremony a wedding supper of 20 covers was served. The house was attractively decorated with chrysanthemums. Mr. and Mrs. Wilson have returned from a brief trip and are residing at 704 East Church Street.

Out-of-town guests at the wedding included: The Rev. and Mrs. Delbert Wilson, Ithaca; Mr. and Mrs. Wilfrid Olson, Covington, Pa.; Harry Daly and Lewis Daggett, Millerton, Pa. (handwritten on article Nov. 3, 1928)







Mrs. Samuel F. Wilson of Daggett, Pa., died this morning at the home of Samuel Wilson at Sylvania, Pa., aged seventy-eight years. She is survived by her husband, Samuel Francis Wilson; a son, Phillip of Elmira Heights; an adopted daughter, Mrs. Frank Doughty of Daggett, Pa. The funeral will be held Tuesday at 1:30 p.m. in the Daggett Methodist Episcopal Church. The Rev. F. I. Smith of Elk Run, Pa., will officiate. Burial in the Daggett, Pa., cemetery. (handwritten on article Feb. 14, 1925)



Mrs. Hiram H. Wilson Passes Away at Home in Mansfield—Was Seventy-five Year Old

Mrs. Hiram H. Wilson passed away at her home in Mansfield Thursday, August 14, at 2:30 p.m. at the age of seventy-five years. Death came after a brief illness.

Mrs. Wilson’s death will be a great loss, as she was a much-loved woman, always leading a Christian life, lending a helping hand whenever it was needed. She endeared herself to everyone who knew her.

She was the daughter of Sally and Tristram Smith, of Rutland. She was married to Mr. Wilson in 1869, three children being born to them. She leaves to mourn her loss her husband, one daughter, Mrs. H. B. Rose, one brother, Ira Smith, seven grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.

Mrs. Wilson’s funeral was held at the Roseville M. E. Church Sunday, where she had been a member for over fifty years. Burial was in the Watson Cemetery at Roseville. (handwritten on article 1924)


Samuel W. Wilson, aged 71, for many years an Austinville resident, died Saturday, June 25, 1949. Survived by wife, Marian Bailey Wilson; sons, Francis, Auburn and Carlton, Columbia Cross Roads; sisters, Mrs. William Bailey, Austinville, and Mrs. James Bailey, Troy; brother Manley, Austinville; four grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. A prayer service was held at the family home at 1:30 p.m. and funeral at 2 p.m. at the Austinville Baptist Church. The Rev. Orey Crippen and Rev. Glenn Dewey. Masonic service at the grave. Besley Cemetery.



 Mrs. Clara A. Wilson, 73, died Monday morning at the family home in Austinville, Pa.  She is survived by her husband, James Wilson and the following children.  Samuel of Austinville, Pa.; Mrs. Bertha Bailey of Columbia Cross Roads, Pa.; Manley of Austinville, Pa., 13 grandchildren, 15 great grandchildren.  The funeral will be held Thursday at 2:30 p.m. in the Baptist Church at Austinville, Pa.  The Revs. Glen Dewey and James Carter will officiate.  Burial in the Besley Cemetery.



 Mrs. Hiram H. Wilson passed away at her home in Mansfield Thursday, August 14, at the age of seventy-five years.  Death came after a brief illness.  Mrs. Wilson’s death will be a great loss, as she was a much-loved woman, always leading a Christian life, lending a helping hand whenever it was needed.  She endeared herself to everyone who knew her.  She was the daughter of Sally and Tristram Smith, of Rutland.  She was married to Mr. Wilson in 1869, three children being born to them.  She leaves to mourn her loss her husband, one daughter, Mrs. H. B. Rose, one brother, Ira Smith, seven grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.  Mrs. Wilson’s funeral was held at the Roseville M. E. church Sunday, where she had been a member for over fifty years.  Burial was in the Watson Cemetery at Roseville.



 Hiram Wilson passed away at his home in Mansfield on Friday morning, December 28, 1928.  Mr. Wilson was born in Rutland, Pa., June 26, 1851, the eldest son of William Soloma Howe Wilson.  His parental ancestors came from New Jersey and made a settlement in Rutland township.  Nearly all his life he resided in or near Rutland.  He moved to Mansfield in 1919.  He was married to Emily Smith, June 6, 1868.  To this union were born two sons, Bert and Lafayette, both deceased; and a daughter, Mrs. Herman Rose, with whom Mr. Wilson lived since the death of his wife in August 1924.  Mr. Wilson was most highly esteemed by all who knew him.  He had many friends and was a kind and thoughtful neighbor.  It is a great loss to the community when such a beautiful character is taken away.  Mr. Wilson’s death was caused by a paralytic stroke.  He was ill three weeks and his passing out was quiet and peaceful.  He is survived by his daughter, Mrs. Herman Rose, of Mansfield; seven grandchildren; a sister, Mrs. Carrie Van Zantt, of Elmira, N.Y.; a brother, James Wilson, of Troy, Pa.  The funeral services were held Sunday, December 28, at the Roseville Methodist Church, the Rev. Orey Crippen officiating; interment was in Watson Cemetery, Roseville.  The pall bearers were Adelbert Allis, William Wheeler, Otis Cook, and B. A. Harris.



 Mrs. Benj. Wilson died Saturday morning at 2 o’clock.  She has been a great sufferer for a long time with a malignant cancer.  Mrs. Wilson was 77 years old.  She leaves to mourn, an aged husband, one son, Thomas Wilson, of Jackson Center, and one daughter with whom she lived,  Mrs. Rouse, who gave the sufferer the best of attention and care during her suffering.  At times it seemed almost impossible for her to endure the strain of lifting and waiting upon her.  The funeral was held at the M. E. Church Monday afternoon at 2 o’clock, Rev. F. M. Smith officiating.  The burial was in charge of A. C. Young assisted by John Heeman, of Troy.  Interment was in Watson cemetery.



 The people of this place were greatly saddened by the sudden death of Edgar Wilson, which occurred on Sunday evening last.  Death was due to brain trouble.  Mr. Wilson was a lifelong resident of this place.  Besides his widow, he is survived by two daughters, Mrs. Samuel Bailey and Mrs. Will Bailey, both of Austinville; two sons, Samuel Wilson, of Horseheads, N. Y.; Manley Wilson, at home; one brother, Frank Wilson, of Austinville, and one sister, Mrs. John Van Ness, of Mansfield.  The funeral will be held from the Austinville church on Wednesday at 2 p.m., Rev. Mr. Johnson officiating.  (Handwritten date Nov. 24, 1912)



 Mrs. Mary Cole Wilson, wife of James Wilson of Rutland, Pa., passed peacefully away after a long illness at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Charles Smith at Elk Run, on December 5, 1909, aged 48 years, 7 months and 4 days.  Mrs. Wilson had been in failing health for some time, and during August, last, she became unable to attend to her household duties, and went to the home of her daughter, where she was tenderly cared for by loving hands, who did all that mortals could, but to no avail, and at last, after long and intense suffering, the slender thread was broken, and the soul took its flight.  She went willingly to meet her Savior.  Mrs. Wilson was esteemed highly by all who knew her.  She was a kind wife, a sympathetic mother, and a generous neighbor.  The funeral was held on Tuesday, December 7, from the Roseville Baptist church,  the Rev. Seymour Barrett, a former pastor of the church, of which Mrs. Wilson was a member, and chosen by her to preach her funeral sermon, officiating.  Burial was in the family plot in Roseville cemetery.  Besides her husband, there survive, the daughter above mentioned, her father, Henry H. Cole, of Missouri; a little orphan niece, whom she took into her home in babyhood, and took the place of mother.  Her aunt was Mrs. Asceanth Schwenk, in whose home she lived from childhood until her marriage.  She will long be missed by a number of other relatives and friends.  We may truly say, “a good woman is not lost, but gone before.”  The bereaved ones have the sympathy of their many friends.



 Mrs. Clara A. Wilson, 73, died Monday morning at the family home in Austinville, Pa.  She is survived by her husband, James Wilson and the following children,  Samuel of Austinville, Pa.; Mrs. Bertha Bailey of Columbia Cross Roads, Pa.; Manley of Austinville, Pa., 13 grandchildren, 15 great grandchildren.  The funeral will be held Thursday at 2:30 p.m. in the Baptist Church at Austinville, Pa.  The Revs. Glen Dewey and James Carter will officiate.  Burial in the Besley Cemetery.



 The people of this place were greatly saddened by the sudden death of Edgar Wilson, which occurred on Sunday evening last.  Death was due to brain trouble.  Mr. Wilson was a life-long resident of this place.  Besides his widow, he is survived by two daughters, Mrs. Samuel Bailey and Mrs. Will Bailey, both of Austinville; two sons, Samuel Wilson, of Horseheads, NY.; Manley Wilson, at home; one brother, Frank Wilson, of Austinville, and one sister, Mrs. John Van Ness, of Mansfield.  The funeral will be held from the Austinville church on Wednesday at 2 p.m., Rev. Mr. Johnson officiating.



 Mrs. Samuel F. Wilson of Daggett, Pa., died this morning at the home of Samuel Wilson at Sylvania, Pa., aged seventy-eight years.  She is survived by her husband, Samuel Francis Wilson; a son, Phillip, of Elmira Heights; an adopted daughter, Mrs. Frank Doughty of Daggett, Pa.  The funeral will be held Tuesday at 1:30 p.m. in the Daggett Methodist Episcopal Church.  The Rev. F. I. Smith of Elk Run, Pa., will officiate.  Burial in the Daggett, Pa., cemetery.


1917 Directory of Elmira:  Buckley Arthur emp Willys – Morrow Co, h 468 E Water (is he a step father to Edith?)

1917 - Wilson Edith M, emp C & K Laundry, res 468 E Water

           Wilson George H, emp 432-434 E Water, res 468 do

           Wilson Mabel J, emp Service laundry, res 468 E Water

According to WWI Draft Registration - Clarence is also living at 468 E Water with wife and George is living there with wife and child.





1920 - Wilson, Mabel J. age 20 born in NY, sister-in-law living with Margaret age 30 born in NY and husband Harold?  Hardy age 27 on West Miller St, Chemung Co., NY (are this Edith's sisters?)


1920 - Wilson, Mabel age 24 living as boarder on E. Church St., Elmira, NY (born PA probably not our Mabel)


1920 - Wilson,  Helen age 19, Dorothy age 14, Kathlyn age 12 living as boarder with Arthur Buckley and his wife Luella age 50 ( I believe this might be their mother Luella remarried) - Broad St., Southport township, Chemung Co., NY


Wilsons buried at Woodlawn Cemetery in Elmira, NY


Wilson Vernas (F)   1/25/1893 56 yrs Elmira  

Wilson Edward F.   07/09/1905 48 yrs 7 mos 9 days Binghamton, NY  

Wilson Adam   02/07/1908 86 yrs Elmira  

Wilson Harriet W.   03/23/1908 79 yrs Elmira  

Wilson Theron Henry   04/12/1908 3 mos 20 days Elmira of asphyxiation

Wilson Mary A.   10/19/1909 89 yrs Elmira  

 Wilson J. Carlton   10/09/1910 4 mos Elmira  

Wilson Susan   06/04/1912 66 yrs Elmira  

Wilson Mary   09/16/1914 29 yrs Elmira  

 Wilson James   08/23/1915 no age Horseheads, NY  

 Wilson Infant (M)   09/15/1915 5 minutes Elmira  

Wilson Delbert S.   01/28/1917 1 yr Elmira  

Wilson Ella M.   05/11/1917 60 yrs 11 mos 12 days Elmira  

Wilson Mary Jane   10/08/1917 56 yrs Elmira  

Wilson Jud   11/07/1917 67 yrs Elmira  

Wilson Infant (M)   02/22/1919 Stillborn Elmira  

Wilson Henry J.   02/25/1920 65 yrs Elmira  

Wilson Florc   03/07/1920 40 yrs Elmira  

Wilson Infant (M)   04/06/1921 Stillborn Elmira  

Wilson Deronda E.   02/18/1923 26 yrs Elmira  

Wilson Thomas   02/23/1923 72 yrs Elmira  

Wilson Mary Jane   11/21/1923 51 yrs Elmira  

Wilson Fannie C.   03/20/1924 68 yrs Elmira  

Wilson Lawrence B., Jr.   11/14/1924 2 mos Elmira  

Wilson Ethel M.   05/20/1926 27 yrs Elmira  

Wilson John Horton   07/06/1926 62 yrs Elmira


Willson Alice May   10/21/1888 2 days Elmira  

Willson James   1/24/1890 75 yrs Elmira  

Willson Infant (no sex)   3/14/1892 Stillborn Elmira  

Willson Louise May   6/22/1894 5 mos Elmira  

Willson Edwin S.   8/8/1896 1 mo 14 days Elmira  

Willson James   2/3/1897 28 yrs Elmira New York State Reformatory

Willson James, Jr.   2/1/1898 31 yrs Elmira  

Willson Infant (M)   07/04/1900 no age Elmira  

Willson Stella May   08/13/1900 6 mos Elmira  

Willson Charles   05/18/1901 91 yrs Southport, NY  

 Willson Charles   05/22/1901 37 yrs Elmira  

Willson Glenn   10/28/1901 5 yrs Elmira  

Willson Infant (M)   11/26/1901 no age Elmira  

Willson Gertrude Anna   08/25/1902 6 mos Elmira  

Willson Paul F.   06/07/1903 55 yrs Abner, TN  

Willson Frank C.   05/09/1914 36 yrs Elmira